Everything I Learned About Life I Learned In Home Economics

I learned to be the frugal gourmet, the wise consumer
and to eat for life. I discovered the power of choice and
learned to cope, cooperate, console and care. I discovered
the top 10 list of foods was not hamburgers, French fries,
hot dogs, soda, chips, candy, chocolate chip cookies, pizza,
and bread sticks. Be aware children don’t come with directions:
only toys. I found out that independence is more than living alone
and communications is more than talk: walk your talk.
Debt is a four-letter word, sex is not. Remember when you go out
into the world, self-management reduces the chances of you
becoming a poverty statistic. I discovered how to build character,
not be one. The importance of family doesn’t change, only the size
or shape of the package. I learned about nutrients, bytes, and lights
and that complex carbohydrates are not simple. I discovered that
an investment in education yields dividends for a lifetime. Better living
through technology; keeping pace at home and in the workplace.
Global interdependence; what happens in the world affects me.
Heart is the centre of the home.
Author Unknown